Monday, July 8, 2013

Gleefully Gaga - The Maiden Tablet Drawing


Once upon a time, I had a wonderful, little drawing tablet. It was so wonderful in fact, that it made digital art not just a possibility, but a joy. But then one day, it died. Fortuitously enough, Yurika (a.k.a. Squid), my wonderful roommate at the time, fellow blogger and awesome artistdecided to upgrade her own drawing tablet around then and passed her older one on to me. Hooray for hand-me-downs!

Happiness and gratitude abounding, thrilled by having a functional tablet once again, I offered in thanks to draw my roomie any picture she'd like. Her choice: all of us roomies (plus one honorary addition) in the wardrobal stylings of Lady Gaga a la Glee. 


Challenge accepted.

And the lobster goes to... the Marine Biologist!!!

As I love drawing people, especially people in interesting clothes, testing my mettle with Lady Gaga's innovative wardrobe proved to be an absolute blast. Yurika, the generous, beautiful, tablet-donating roomie of amazingness, requested the outfit with the giant ribbon hat, and I got to play dress-up with the rest of us. (The letters in the pictures stood for which roomie got which pose/outfit, though most of those nicknames are outdated.)

Ready girls... POSE!

With the costume choices out of the way, it was time to draft our stances. The dance moves and poses of Lady Gaga are just about as novel as her fashion choices, so standing in a line simply would not do. Luckily, watching the Glee rendition of Bad Romance on loop whilst drawing helped me glean some iconic dance moves for the pic. 

Coolest cover band ever.

Once I had decent sketches plotted out, I made my first attempt at the real picture. Though still in the sketchy stages, so far so good. And speaking of stages, you can see a tentative background evolving at this point, complete with perspective and everything! (As I usually don't bother with backgrounds at all, that's kind of a big deal.)

Lady Gaga coloring book - the next big thing?

Next up, refining the line art! While I'm a huge fan of traditional media, this is where digital drawing has the distinct advantage in my opinion. No worries about one fell pen swoop ruining the whole thing before it's done.

Just dance!

This project proved especially exciting in the coloring department. Thanks to the fancy costumes and backdrop, I got to try out all sorts of new techniques. What with the sparkly lobster, curling wires, giant ribbon, lacy bodysuit, BUBBLES, ruffles and panels, I got to play with gradients, textures and tools I'd never seen before!  

Gaga for Glee!

Since my artwork usually ends up without any background to speak of, I'm actually quite proud of how this one turned out. I admit, I even had fun toying with the perspective, lighting and such. But the fact of the matter remains. I wanted each person to shine and the collective picture just wasn't cutting it. Therefore, Phase 2 of the project came to be: individual posters!

Success! Thanks again to my wonderful college roommates for being a part of this project, to Yurika for making it possible and to Lady Gaga and Glee for providing the inspiration. Stay tuned for more creativity! :D

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