Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Trick or Treat! Halloween Costume Art

Happy Halloween 2014!

One of my favorite October pastimes (besides busting out my coziest sweaters and fluffy socks) is drawing fun costumes from the annual Halloween catalogs. Each year, I have friends pick out their favorite costumes and then I assign them to my crew of fictional characters. The picture above is fresh off the sketchbook for Halloween 2014, and this year, the costumes were chosen by my brother, my mom, and my boyfriend (who was also kind enough to lend me some of his Prismacolor markers). Can you find the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 cameo...?

Ghosts, pirates, and fairies of Halloweens past abound in my binders of old drawings, and I dug out some of the more entertaining pictures to share. While most aren't quite as polished in the quality department, they do a great job of showing the progression of my art skills, and of costume catalogs. 

Crazy as it may seem, this picture was from 10 YEARS AGO... Spooky!

I had so many costume requests, I had to enlist a staircase!

Chibi Costumes (The wet bale of hay was a special request)

All the pirate costumes in the catalog (>10 years ago!)

Pirate Redux (originally for Talk Like a Pirate Day)

The headless butler would be a trick to pull off!

The creepy used car salesman and loaf of bread were both actual costumes, I kid you not!

Special guest appearances from Kingdom Hearts: Roxas, Cloud, Squall & Axel!

If you're in the mood to join the tradition of costume catalog art, or are simply looking for a Halloween themed coloring page, feel free to use the following line art as inspiration. Please remember to comment below and link back to/credit LydMc if you post your masterpiece online - I'd love to see it!

The original line art for this year's Halloween selection.

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Thanks for visiting, and Happy Halloween!


  1. This is awesome! So rad to see the evolution of costume options over the years! I like the LOAF OF WONDROUS WONDER BREAD IN PARTICULAR!