Thursday, May 29, 2014

Celebration Shout Out: Zoom!

Celebrate Good News!

If you're wondering why the LydMc blog updates have been a bit on the slow side recently, the causes are many-fold. Some are good, some are bad, and some are awesome. One of the awesome reasons is my latest job (nearly 8 months in now!) at Zoom. 

Zoom, a newspaper/magazine hybrid with all sorts of great things going for it, is a community publication that showcases and celebrates the good that goes on in our local areas. Fundraisers, marathons, scout projects, you name it. If it's positive, Zoom is likely to cover it.

As Associate Editor at Zoom, I get to process a lot of these events and even write a few of the articles. It's always exciting to hear why people are so passionate about the various causes they support, and it makes me grateful to have a job where I can help share their stories and spread their positive inspiration with others.

So instead of a typical blog this week, here are links to a few of the features I've written for both of Zoom's monthly editions:

And just for the record, Zoom has a fantastic team of other writers worth checking out, as well. Thanks to them, the photographers, and the rest of our wonderful staff, working at Zoom is something to celebrate in and of itself. My other workplace, Folsom Auto Center, is also full of capable and trustworthy people, so if you need someone to work on your car in the Folsom area, go visit them!

As for the LydMc Blog, keep your eyes open for an extra special update in the next few days... Until then, pull up a comfy chair, enjoy some positive journalism, and, of course, Celebrate Good News!

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